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Jenny Glaze - Cairns Artist Australia

I am a self taught artist, a turn of the century discovery, I had never painted before.  My work, styles and mediums are very varied and I continually seek out new techniques.  I do enjoy realism but probably get the most personal satisfaction from the contemporary works which are more ‘chanced’ upon and were not specifically ‘painted’. Controlling the movement and marrying of mediums around the canvas, even those which do not ‘like each other’. I become absorbed when looking deep within a randomly worked canvas and visualize what I can bring out from the myriad of images within.

My artistic journey towards abstract and surrealism was disrupted for five years.  I am now pursuing this direction to bring new works to my Art Vogue website.

As an artist, it has particularly pleased me to provide, freely, a form of entertainment by the viewing of my work.          
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I enjoyed the challenges set to me by the commission works. My process is to send progressive images to clients so that they can be satisfied that with the outcome and not fearful of paying for something that they are not happy with.  This has worked well and I have been able to achieve something of great personal importance and value to them which I find extremely rewarding.

By moving into prints I have been able to offer a more affordable solution to those admiring the originals which I often do not wish to sell. By this association I can offer a stretching service of a very high standard and via my printers the option to allow me to reproduce your artworks or photographs.

Jenny Glaze Australian Cairns Artist

Finally, as a self taught artist I had not expected to find myself teaching art, although I would not pursue this myself I am open to expressions of interest.
This website is to provide those amongst the browsers the option to purchase a painting or print or to prevail upon the services below. 

      • Commission Works   be they portraits, realism or contemporary, or a work especially for your décor 
        or gift in any style or medium.
      • High quality giclee prints on canvas of my selected works in sizes to suit you.
      • Reproductions of your own works or photographs on canvas at great prices
      • Framing/stretching service,   quality work at very competitive prices
      • Postcards and prints supplied to your business for re-sale
      • Art class , instructional tutorials or advisory services as negotiated.